ACCA LOGO 2DThe Australian Coastal Councils Association Inc. is a national body which represents the interests of coastal councils and their communities. The organisation was previously known as the National Sea Change Taskforce.

The role of the Association is to advocate on behalf of coastal councils. It also commissions research on behalf of councils in coastal areas in relation to a range of coastal issues, including:

  • The shortfall in resources to meet increasing demand for infrastructure and services;
  • Coastal erosion and the projected impacts of sea level rise;
  • The legal risks faced by coastal councils in relation to planning for climate change;
  • Proposed changes to arrangements for natural disaster funding, which will shift more of the recovery costs onto the States and local government;
  • The impact of tourists and other visitors on coastal communities.
  • The continuing impacts of high population growth in peri-urban and regional coastal councils

The Association is the only body that specifically represents the interests of Australia’s coastal councils at a national level in relation to these issues.