A new report on the State of the Tropics warns that tropical conditions are likely to extend south at the rate of approximately 200km over 25 years, which could lead to Perth, Sydney and Adelaide becoming hotter and more tropical by the year 2100.

The report was prepared by 12 research centres including James Cook University in Australia.

Dr Joanne Isaac, one of the researchers at James Cook University who worked on the report, told AAP the projections mean that conditions currently found in far north Queensland will extend further south. “By the turn of the century I think we’ll have a climate that’s pretty different to the one we remember,” she said.

Dr Isaac said there is evidence some plants and animals have already started moving south as they track their preferred climate. She said it was possible animals such as crocodiles and cane toads would move further south if the water is warmer.

The full report is available at – http://stateofthetropics.org