14 May: Both the Morrison Government and the Labor Opposition have now responded to the Australian Coastal Councils Association’s coastal policy proposals, which were set out in the communiqué adopted by delegates attending the 2019 Australian Coastal Councils Conference.

The communiqué proposed a national funding formula to provide the resources necessary to manage and maintain the coast effectively on behalf of all Australians, including the funds needed to increase the adaptive capacity of councils to address climate impacts. It further called on the Australian Government to:

  • Allocate Financial Assistance Grants to address coastal hazards;
  • Develop a co-ordinated national approach to coastal governance through an Intergovernmental Agreement on the Coastal Zone in cooperation with state, territory and local governments;
  • Ensure that the Intergovernmental Agreement on the Coastal Zone forms the basis for a National Coastal Policy; and
  • Allocate increased levels of funding for Australia’s climate science research programs.

Links to the Labor and Morrison Government responses are provided below.

On Saturday, 4 May, Leader of the Opposition Bill Shorten released a $1bn Plan to Protect the Environment, which included a Beaches and Coastlines Climate Adaptation Plan. Details available here

On Tuesday 14 May the Coalition Campaign Headquarters provided the Morrison Government’s response to the Association’s coastal policy proposals, consisting of a covering letter and a two-page statement setting out responses to each of the policy initiatives. The document is available here